Planning a Website

Building a successful website requires careful planning and attention to detail. Remember that people do judge a book by its cover – and they will judge your business by your website. You have one chance to make a first impression. In many cases, your website may be the only marketing material from your business that a potential customer will see.

  • There are Two primary things that create cost when building a website:

  • Registering a domain – Their annual domain registration fees are typically around $15.00. Beware the offers received in the mail about renewing your domain registration – they are usually a sly way of getting you to switch to another host who will charge you more. If in doubt, you are welcome to call us.

  • Web design – the actual process of designing a site that communicates your mission to your potential customers. This part is almost impossible to predict costs without reviewing your design needs first. The average small business site we create runs from $500-$2000. It just depends on your needs, and what your long term plans are for site functionality. These questions can always be satisfied by meeting with us, and allowing us to help you plan your site.

Following is a list of things to think about as you start your planning process:

  1. Company Name
  2. Company Colors
  3. Company Logo
  4. Home Page content –About your Company and products Page
  5. Titles Page
  6. Content Photos – “Before & After” jobs
  7.  Products, Satisfied Customers
  8. Contact Info and/or form Preferred contact method – Phone, E-mail